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Hose Assemblies

A complete range of hose assemblies can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Braided, Multi-spiral, Thermoplastic and PTFE.

Couplings can be carbon or stainless steel.

Hose assembly sizes from 3/16” to 2” diameter.

Specialist assemblies can be manufactured to provide superior performance when requirements include extreme temperatures, high abrasion and flame retardant.

Hydraulic Hose

Our hoses offer high performances referring to a wide range of temperatures and work pressures, meeting all the requirements requested in their field of applications such as strong endurance to abrasion, ozone and atmospheric factors, extreme flexibility and compactness.

Our wide range is produced according with the International Standards (SAE, DIN, EN ISO), with regard to the wire braided and spiralled hoses.

All the production cycle details are carefully supervised and checked step by step to guarantee a high quality standard.

Swage Fittings

All our hydraulic fittings are manufactured by Vitillo in Italy. We carry a full range of two piece swage products that meet the main industry standards.

The two piece standard swage range includes a wide range of configurations comprising; BSP, JIC, Metric, AE, JIS & ORFS.

Size range: To suit hoses 3/16” to 2” diameter.

Interlock Fittings

For ultra high pressure hydraulic systems.

With internal and external skiving of the hose these fittings maintain integrity under all types of extreme
impulse conditions.

The two piece interlock range include a range of configurations comprising; BSP, JIC, Metric, SAE,

Size range: 3/4” to 2” diameter to suit 4 or 6 spiral type hoses.

Reuseable Fittings

Derbyshire Hose & Fittings carry an extensive range of reusable fittings that can reduce downtime on equipment when hose line replacement is needed.

Reusable fittings allow you to quickly and conveniently produce a hose assembly using only hand tools.

Types available: BSP, JIC, NPT & Metric

Size range: 1/4” to 1” on 1ST/2ST & 1SN/2SN hoses.


We carry a comprehensive range of hydraulic adaptors that can be supplied to suit many various requirements.

Manufactured in mild steel and now stainless steel, our adaptors will allow you to conveniently adapt your couplings to meet all applications beyond your normal coupling range.

Any special requirements for adaptors can be produced from samples or drawings.

Terminations include: BSP, JIC, SAE, Metric, ORFS & NPT.

Size range: from 1/8” to 2”


Hose Guard

Three types of guard are available for protection of hoses.

  • Metal spring guard
  • Polyethylene spiral wrap
  • Polypropylene textile sleeve

Available for hoses from 1/4” to 2” diameter.



PyroJacket® protects people against severe burns from hot, hydraulic hoses. Protects hoses and cables from molten metal splash, weld splatter and intermittent flame.

High energy loss and environmental overheating from hot hoses.

In the event of fire, PyroJacket® can make a difference between control and catastrophe.


Quick Release Couplings

Quick release couplings are used to connect or disconnect hydraulic lines quickly and easily without the use of tools.

  • Available in carbon or stainless steel.
  • Main types available are: flat face, ISO push pull and pull break, screw connect and trailer brake.
  • Size range: from 1/4” to 2”

Tube Compression Fittings

We stock a full range of VOSS & EMB compression couplings including:

  • Straight couplings
  • Elbows
  • Tee’s
  • Bulkheads
  • Banjo’s
  • Crosses

These are available in light and heavy series and conform to DIN 2353/ISO8434-1. Mild steel and also 316 stainless steel available.


Tube and Hose Clamps

We are a Stauff stockist of hydraulic tube and pipe clamps.

Available in single, twin and heavy duty series. These can also be supplied in polypropylene, polyamide, solid rubber & aluminium.

U-bolt clamps are available in galvanized mild steel and stainless steel, complete with clamp saddles in polypropylene.

Size range: from 6mm to 102mm diameter.



Experts in the extrusion of PTFE hoses.

We offer a very comprehensive range of standard sizes, however, should you need a custom PTFE hose to meet your own
specifications we provide this service in-house.

These include:

  • Smoothbore braided
  • Convoluted hoses
  • Chlorine hoses
  • Vent hoses

All types of standard end fittings are available.

PTFE and PFA hoses have the highest chemical resistance of all polymer manufactured hoses. With a temperature range of -70oC to 265oC. PTFE hosing can be used for applications most other polymer hoses can’t withstand.

The electrical insulation properties of PTFE hoses make them the ideal application choice where hoses have to run very close to electrical wiring.

PTFE hose assemblies give excellent service to a wide range of industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Brake calliper hose for motor high performance cars
  • Fuel tank systems
  • Motor vehicle air conditioning units
  • Motor vehicle fuel and oil delivery and drainage systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Spray painting
  • Transfer of corrosive low pressure gasses

Thermoplastic Hose

SAE R7 & R8 Thermoplastic hose for use in medium to high pressure hydraulic systems.

  • Thermoplastic polyester tube. Polyester or aramid fibre reinforcement.
  • Abrasion and ozone resistant polyurethane outer cover.
  • Types available: R7 & R8 single or twin line.
  • Size range: 3/16” to 1” diameter.
  • Both available in non-conductive.