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Jetwash hoses

At Derbyshire Hose & Fittings we carry an extensive range of 1 wire and 2 wire jetwash hose. Manufactured by two of the worlds market leaders.

We can produce any types of hose in popular colours, black, blue, red and yellow, with any end terminations in both mild and stainless steel. Working pressures from 210 bar to 400 bar at temperatures up to 150oC. All our 1 wire and 2 wire hose is branded LONGLIFE superjet.

All our hoses are available for car wash, forecourt, and the food industry.

We also have the facility to provide customer personalised branding on any chosen hose which you may require.


Lances and triggers

All our lances are manufactured by two of Italy’s premium suppliers of high pressure washing equipment.

These are available in bent and straight lances, ranging from 700mm to 2.5m in length in mild and stainless steel. We also carry a vast range of triggers for all pressures in fixed and swivel end terminations, which are suitable for the car wash sector and food industries.


Comet high pressure cleaners

15Ltr 200 Bar (3 Phase) 21Ltr 150 Bar (3 Phase)

  • Comet FW2 pump with 3 ceramic pistons with high-pressure seals in top quality rubber-canvas,
    suitable for the harshest conditions of use
  • All parts in contact with the pumped liquid are in stainless steel and brass without the use of plastics for important parts that are destined to give long service. The suction and delivery valves are in stainless steel for high fluid-pressure efficiency
  • Head in brass alloy
  • Extremely reliable, bolt-on unloader valve with device for elimination of pump pressure in by-pass conditions
  • Suction of detergent
  • Pressure gauge
  • Electric motor for continuous use with thermal cutout
  • Motorpumps with regulation valve, pressure gauge
  • Motorpumps have Total Stop, electric box with switch and 6m electric cable

12Ltr 110 Bar (Single Phase)

  • Pump and motor complete unit
  • 12Ltr 110 Bar (Single Phase)
  • Comet LW-K pump with 3 ceramic pistons with high-pressure seals in top quality rubber canvas, suitable for the harshest conditions of use
  • All parts in contact with the pumped liquid are in stainless steel and brass without the use of plastics for important parts that are destined to give long service. The suction and delivery valves are in stainless steel for high fluid-pressure efficiency
  • Head in brass alloy
  • Extremely reliable, bolt-on unloader valve with device for elimination of pump pressure in by-pass conditions
  • Electric motor for continuous use with thermal cutout
  • Electric box with switch and 6m electric cable
  • Motorpumps with regulation valve
  • Suction of detergent
  • Pressure gauge


Our Interpump range covers applications for:

  • Hot and cold pressure washers
  • Engine driven pressure washers
  • Forecourt pressure washers
  • Pressure test equipment
  • Industrial cleaning products
  • Special duty application

Pressure ratings up to the following:

  • Pressure up to 275 Bar
  • Flow rates up to 21 Lpm
  • Speeds from 1000 to 3400 Rpm
  • Stainless steel valve seats
  • Fluid temperature up to 60˚C
  • Brass and aluminium manifolds

Automatic hose reels

We at Derbyshire Hose & Fittings carry two types of automatic hose reels, Faicom and Ramex, which are used within the agriculture, car wash, marine and food industries. Both are suitable to distribute several fluids, compressed air, hot and cold water, oil and diesel fuel.

The technical solutions adopted for both of these hose reels guarantees long life and limited maintenance. All reels are available in powder coated and stainless steel finishes.

We also carry the replacement swivel centres and revolving stands for both types of reel.

Stainless steel
Available in 15mtr, 20mtr and 35mtr.

Powder coated
Available in 15mtr and 20mtr.


Nicolini Motors

Nicolini was one of the pioneers in creating hollow and solid shaft motors for high pressure pumps and is still amongst the leaders of this market, exporting all over the world. All Nicolini hollow and solid shaft motors are recognised for their excellent reliability which is due to the precision of their mechanical processing as well as their high level of
electrical performance.

Over recent years the company has developed a special solution called Double Flange aimed at the professional washing services market: it is a motor that combines the advantages of the hollow and solid shaft motor (reduced dimensions and low costs) and the characteristics of the standard type motor with flange and coupling (easy assembly and service).


Open frame, Honda petrol engine pressure washer

We produce two types of professional pressure washer, designed to make easy work of the most demanding jobs.

  • GX340 11hp Honda engine with WS201 pump and gearbox WP 200bar – 15ltr
  • GX390 13hp Honda engine with WS202 pump and gearbox WP 200bar – 21ltr

Both pressure washers come complete with 15mtr hose and a complete lance with trigger.

All our machines are built in-house and we only use original genuine parts. This product is designed to be used within various environments which require high pressure cleaning such as agriculture, abattoirs and food factories. Also commonly used to clean heavy haulage, driveways, patios, roofing and guttering.

All our petrol driven engines come with a complete CE certificate and a full 12 month warranty covering both parts and labour.